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About Jones Bearing Company








Jones Bearing Company is a manufacturer of Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings and Take-Ups, including S2000, Type E, SAF, Flange, and Piloted Flange Types. The original Jones Pillow Block has been in production in the USA for over 90 years, and it’s likely the oldest Roller Bearing Pillow Block made in the USA! Worldwide markets in Pulp and Paper, Cement, Coal, Steel, and Heavy manufacturing continue to benefit from our unmatched workmanship.  





Circa 1933



1933 – 1984 Series Pillow Block: Competitors were required to develop special-duty types to compete with the benefits of our original Jones Roller Units! The most important features of Jones Bearings is their ability to self align properly and utilize the same spherical units for either the floating or the Held housing, which were not duplicated.  Therefore, Jones’ 1000 Series Roller Bearings Pillow Blocks still stand alone as the highest-rated standard Pillow Blocks available today.




OldCat copy  


1964 – 1988



1964 – 1988 Series Pillow Block:  The  Jones brand went through some changes over these years .  We were merged into large Power Transmission companies and developed new markets before we ultimately settled in our new location and plant in Pelham Alabama   However the most important thing here is that all the original features of Jones Bearings have not changed. it still  kept the same features and the same quality as the original .



1988 – 2012



1989 – 2000 Series Roller Bearing: Jones 2000 Series Roller Bearings product line was introduced in 1995.  This line includes   Mounted Roller Bearings for Pillow Blocks, Flange Blocks, and Cartridge Flange Blocks.  We manufacture standard top-angle and center-pull Take-up Blocks, and Take-up Frames for moderate, heavy, or extra heavy-duty service also.  For detailed catalog information, or interchange lists, please click the appropriate tab’s above.  And for your nearest Stocking Jones Distributor, please send us an e-mail through the Contact Us page.  We welcome all types of inquiries, standard or special!




  • Phone: (205) 663-3002 1062A Hwy 72 East, Pelham, AL. 35124
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